Environmental sustainability is an important tenet in The Melwa Group’s ethos and has pledged to become net neutral carbon footprint and to eventually become carbon positive by using renewable sources of energy to outpace consumption and sell back to the national grid. Currently 70% of all manufacturing facilities’ energy requirements under the Melwa banner are powered by Solar energy and this has led to the creation of an in-house team of engineers who are dedicated to improving and increasing the renewable energy production across the Melwa Group. In addition to this, we take great strides in adopting the latest technologies to reduce water consumption in manufacturing processes.

The Melwa Group upholds water conservation as an important priority while pursuing manufacturing excellence. The Pharmaceutical manufacturing arms of the Melwa Group have been fitted with the latest state of the art zero discharge systems to ensure that all by products of the manufacturing process are safely disposed of following prescribed environmental norms. All of the other manufacturing facilities under the group are fitted with the latest water purification and circulation systems, an important goal in the company’s growth policy is to continually reduce water consumption while encouraging the use of recycled water through regular investments and upgrades.