Melwa sponsors making Colombo a more beautiful city

Melwa, Sri Lanka’s premium steel manufacturer, given its corporate responsibility towards society, sponsors the beautification works on the road from Town Hall Roundabout in Colombo 7 towards Nelum Pokuna Theatre.

Accordingly, the work related to planting, and maintaining the plants in the middle of the road is carried out with the supervision and support of Melwa. City beautification is an important feature in building a developed country. It is inevitable to give priority to environmental beautification at present, especially in construction works. Melwa, a major contributor to the development of the construction industry in Sri Lanka, is constantly contributing to environment-friendly programmes as an organisation that prioritises environmental conservation with minimal damage to nature and works towards sustainable development.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Town Hall area, which is one of the centric points of Colombo city, every day. The National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL), National Eye Hospital, Dental Institute, Colombo Municipal Council, Nelum Pokuna Theatre, Colombo Public Library, Musaeus College, Viharamaha Devi (Victoria) Park and many other places of national importance are located in the vicinity of this area. The proper maintenance of the environment also enhances the mental health of those visiting the area. Taking all these matters into consideration, Melwa has thus contributed to the beautification of the Town Hall area and is ready to contribute to many such environmental beautification programmes