Sri Lanka’s premium steel manufacturer Melwa sponsors motorcycle racing with Rs. 10 million

Melwa, Sri Lanka’s premium steel manufacturer has provided exclusive sponsorships for the development of the motorcycle racing field in Sri Lanka. Towards that end, the company took steps to supply high-speed motorcycles for racing competitions to Janith Sameera Appuhamy and Kushan Chamod Appuhamy, two motorcycle racers born in Negombo. The talented motorcycle racers have been provided with three Japanese made high speed motorcycles namely Honda CBR 1000CC, Honda CBR 600CC and Kawasaki 600CC. The value of these three motorcycles, which were imported from Japan exclusively for motorcycle races in Sri Lanka, is over Rs. 10 million.

Kushan Chamod and Janith Sameera, who participate in motorcycle racing with the full sponsorships of Melwa, have achieved many victories in the recent past.  Among them, Kushan Chamod won the first place in the 600CC category and the first place in the 1000CC category in the racing events held at the Katukurunda Race Track. He also managed to win the first places in the first and second rounds of the 1000CC category in the event held at the Mihirigama Race Track. In addition, he secured first place in the 600CC category in the Eliyakanda tournament. Janith Sameera won the fourth place in the first round and the third place in the second round in the 600CC category in the Mihirigama tournament.  Melwa has offered these sponsorships with the aim of popularising motorcycle racing among Sri Lankan youth and creating young and talented racers from Sri Lanka who can reach greater heights at international level. Going beyond the business objectives, Melwa constantly provides its full support to various other programmes and activities that are of great benefit for the people in all parts of the country.