Two special training workshops by Melwa for masons and welders to achieve NVQ qualification

Melwa, Sri Lanka’s premium steel manufacturer, recently conducted two special training programs in Ampara and Sainthamaruthu areas to upgrade the professional skills of masons and welders engaged in the construction industry, and help them achieve well-recognised National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) (Level Three) qualifications.

More than 300 masons and welders participated in these workshops that had been fully sponsored and organised by Melwa. During the workshop, they were trained on using steel wire and Galvanized Iron (GI) pipes, and welding sticks recently introduced by Melwa. All the participants were offered a valuable certificate at the end of the program. In addition, Melwa had taken steps to provide the necessary training and financial assistance to a selected group of participants to acquire NVQ Level 03 awarded by the Vocational Training Authority (VTA). All the masons and welders who participated in the workshops were offered a set of tools by Melwa.

Melwa is implementing this series of programs throughout the island with the aim of providing the workers engaged in the construction industry in the country with the opportunity to acquire proper professional training, and a nationally and internationally recognised professional qualification. In addition to experience, having achieved a recognised professional qualification such as an NVQ will be of great use for them in seeking employment opportunities both locally and internationally.