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GI Purlins

Melwa also specializes in the production of premium-quality purlins. Crafted from high-grade galvanized steel, our purlins serve as the ideal structural support for a wide array of applications, including roofing, wall decking, and sheeting installations. Within our extensive product line, we offer a comprehensive range of C and Z purlins, thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse construction needs, featuring options for round and capsule punching and available in custom lengths.

At Melwa, our commitment to excellence extends to adhering to rigorous international quality standards. Our purlins have consistently demonstrated their value by significantly reducing both time and cost during the fabrication and installation processes. They contribute to the enhancement of structural stability, durability, and aesthetic appeal while providing unparalleled rigidity to the overall structure.

Recognizing the importance of customization in meeting the unique demands of various projects, we provide architects and fabricators with the flexibility to select purlin solutions tailored to their specific requirements. This includes options for size, thickness, length, and coating, empowering our clients with the freedom to make economical and fitting choices that align perfectly with the goals of their projects. At Melwa, we are dedicated to delivering purlin solutions that elevate the standards of construction, ensuring durability, precision, and cost-efficiency in every endeavor.


Melwa is one of the leading steel manufacturers in the country and is serving customers from all parts of the island, with an extensive distribution network. Having the largest fleet in the local steel sector of over 30 vehicles has made us less dependent on other sources up to the point of delivery and ensures safe and timely delivery to its customers.

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