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QST Re-bars

MELWA has an extensive product portfolio inclusive of several leading products in the steel market, with a production capacity of over 50,000 MT per month. This puts MELWA ahead in terms of range and production to meet the needs of individual customers with the ultimate goal of providing premium products for all construction based projects. MELWA assures that its continuous dedication to product portfolio improvements at a cost-effective price allows for the client to choose the most suitable material to meet their specific requirements.


RB 500 of SLS 375 (Conforms to BS 4449)


6 meters / 12 meters

Lower Yield Strength

500 N/mm2 (Min)


14% (Min)

Sizes Available ( Ø mm )


Melwa is one of the leading steel manufacturers in the country and is serving customers from all parts of the island, with an extensive distribution network. Having the largest fleet in the local steel sector of over 30 vehicles has made us less dependent on other sources up to the point of delivery and ensures safe and timely delivery to its customers.

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